A reference for Italian cuisine in Lanzarote for more than five years.

If, like us, you enjoy the true flavours of traditional Italian cuisine, yin the restaurant in Playa Honda you can taste the best handmade pizzas, entrees, variety of fresh pastas with homemade sauces, the true Italian risotto, meats or tapas. Read more

Thanks to the experience and passion of our staff, has been for more than five years a reference for Italian cuisine in Lanzarote. We will be delighted to offer you our Italian specialities in the dining room or on the large terrace situated overlooking the sea. Don’t miss our rich gastronomic offer of dishes made according to the Italian tradition of Emilia Romagna.


If during your stay in Lanzarote you want to enjoy original Italian cuisine, visit on the promenade in Playa Honda.


For meals from 12.30 until 16.30 we offer you our LUNCH MENU.


We offer a home delivery service in the urbanisations of Playa Honda, El Cable. Guime and Matagorda.


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Choose from our variety of salads, cold meats of the highest quality, and cold entrees.

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Corn, Olives

Tomato, Mozzarella, Oregano

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Tuna, Onions, Nuts, Grapes, Mozzarella, Crab, Corn, Olives

Cook porc loin with tuna & capers sauce

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Cocktail sauce, Prawns


Hot entrees made with typical Italian ingredients.

Tomato and Garlic

Aubergine, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

Ricotta Cheese, Spinach, Ham, Tomato sauce, Bechamel

Ham, Mushrooms, Taleggio Cheese, Tomato sauce, Bechamel

Mushrooms, Garlic, Tomato sauce, Parsley, Toasted bread

Prawns, Garlic, Green chilli, Parsley, Toasted bread

With Vegetable and Soy Sauce


The original Italian Risotto with fresh ingredients from the land and the sea.

With Mushrooms Field

With Seafood

With Salmon and Prawns


Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Tortelloni, made with passion.

Bacon, Tomato, Mushrooms and Cream

Mixed Field Mushrooms and Cream

Mixed Seafood

Chicken, Red Pepper, Tomato Sauce and Cream

Prawns, Squid, Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomato Sauce and Cream

Asparagus, Prawns and Cherry Tomatoes

Mushrooms, Bacon, Peas, Cream and Tomato

Bacon, Sausage, Bechamel and Bolognese Sauce

Speck, Rocket and Cream

Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach with Tomato Basil Sauce

Bacon, Prawns, Peppers, Tomato Sauce, Cream

Salmon, Onion, Tomato, Cream and Parsley

Stuffed with Mushrooms, Ricotta Cheese, Spinach Sauce and Cream


Spaghetti, Lasagna, Penne y Fusilli made with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces.

Tuna, Capers, Olives, Tomato

With Bacon, Egg and Cream

With Garlic, Chilli and Tomato Sauce

With Bacon, Onion and Tomate Sauce

Eggplant, Courgette, Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella

With Garlic, Chilli, Tomato Sauce, Cream and Parmesan

With Shrimp, Courgette and Tomato Sauce

With Meat and Bechamel

With Vegetables and Bechamel


Second courses of: Chicken or Escalopes.

Breaded Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast with Garlic, Tomato, Rosemary, Chilli and White Wine Sauce

Chicken Breast with Onions, Mushrooms, Red Wine and Tomato Sauce

Pork Scallops with Mushrooms and Cream Sauce

Pork Scallops with Capers, Black Olives, Mozzarella, Oregan and Tomato Sauce


Focacce and Fried Gnocco to share with your family or friends.

With Mozzarella, Tomato, Lettuce, Ham Serrano

With Mozzarella, Spinach, Bacon, Eggs

With Mozzarella and grilled vegetables *

Fried Gnocco, basket of 10 pieces

* Vegetarianan dishes

Extra ingredients 0,90 €

Prawns / Chicken 1,40 €

Serrano Ham / Speck 1,80 €

Salmon / Brie 2,20 €

I.G.I.C Included

Contact us to reserve a table or to order a home delivery.

For more information or to place a home delivery order for Playa Honda, El Cable, Guime and Matagorda call us on +34 928 833 086 or 669 456 946. Tuesday closed.